Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions: One plus one equals three
There can be a variety of different incentives for completing M&A transactions but the main reason for acquiring or merging with another company is to create value for the shareholders that exceeds that of the sum of the two companies. The key idea behind the M&A concept is that two companies are worth more combined than they are as separate entities and thus you can say that in regards to M&As one plus one equals three. Examples of possible outcomes and thus incentives to complete a M&A process include:

  • Raising new capital for an expansion or new investments
  • Leveraging synergies between your companies and competitors
  • Entering a new market and leverage on another company’s knowledge, portfolio, and market insights
  • Gaining quick access to new technologies, intellectual properties, assets, etc.
  • Strengthening your company’s market position or efficiency
    Disposing of underperforming assets or parts of the business

The role of euroMerger in your M&A process

No matter what the incentive and what kind of transaction you are facing it can either create great value for your company or it can destroy it, depending on the handling and execution of the deal. Succeeding with a transaction requires a very thorough consideration of all aspects related to the deal, making sure that nothing is left to chance and it is essential that you move fast in order to realize the expected returns and exploit all potential synergies. Thus, seeking assistance from an experienced M&A advisor can be a smart move ensuring you an efficient and well thought-out process.

At euroMerger we have great experience helping our customers across a broad range of industries with various aspects of their M&A processes on both sell- and buy-side, e.g.:

  • Initial screening for potential target/buyer companies
  • Preparing companies for sale
  • Conducting company presentations and sales material
  • Market analyses
  • Company valuations
  • M&A strategy and structure counselling
  • Business plan creation
  • Managing the M&A process
  • Shareholder communication
  • Negotiation
  • Strategic advice
  • Post-merger integration

Is your company facing a M&A? Choose euroMerger as your M&A advisor to ensure an efficient and professional process.