Capital Raising

When a company is in the need of capital raising a lot of questions and considerations become important to pay attention to. You need to know e.g. how much capital is needed? How much capital can be raised? How big an ownership stake (shares or stocks) is the owner allowed to or required to offer the investors/buyers? Who is/are the ideal investor(s) and how do you approach them? Taking all these questions into consideration helps the company owner to obtain the best conditions for the capital raising.

The Importance of A Thorough Analysis And Valuation

A thorough analysis is essential for a true understanding of the company and its overall business strategy and furthermore it is the keystone of the company valuation. At euroMerger we help our customers carry out an extensive analysis of the entire company; the management, the employees, the products/services, the financial situation, the partners, the suppliers, the customers, the market, and the competitive environment, etc.


No two companies are the same and no one knows a company better than the owner. However, the owner might not focus on the same aspects of the company as an ‘outsider’ and thus neglect risk factors that are important to the investor. At euroMerger company we have gained an extensive knowledge and awareness of these factors over the time and are capable of conducting a thorough analysis that takes into consideration all the factors important to both parties (sell-side and buy-side). We know the overall circumstances that can increase of decrease the company’s value and our company analyses and valuations are thus realistic and relevant for both buyer and seller.

Company Presentation and Synergies

After completing an extensive analysis of the company, it is time to compose the ideal company presentation to the potential investors. Here, it is crucial to create a true impression of the company as a whole and include supporting explanations of potential negative aspects. At euroMerger we ensure that the presentation shows the company from its absolute best side while still remaining truthful and realistic. Furthermore, we help customize the presentation to the individual buyers/investors to highlight the specific synergies that arise with a match between your company and their particular company.
In relation to synergies it is worth considering that buyers/investors with a strong market knowledge and understanding of your business will most likely create more value for the company in that they can better exploit and realise the company’s potential. Furthermore, the value and thus the price of your company and shares in it will typically increase when the buy-side experience high potential for synergies.

How euroMerger Can Assist You

When new capital is needed good advice and thorough analysis is important to arrive at the right valuation and presentation of the company to the potential buyers or investors. We provide assistance in the entire process from company analysis and valuation, through company presentation to the negotiation of the deal. Our role is to ensure the optimal price and deal conditions that consider both sell-side and buy-side and thus ensure the most optimal capital raising.